Permata Bank

World Cup 2014 is a global festivities. I was commissioned to make a microsite for Permata Bank during the pre-World Cup period. We initiated to launc a trivia-based microsite. The site is an interactive platofrm that invites audiences to utilize their knowledge to get the prizes that were available in the competition.

Client: Permata Bank
Date: April 2, 2014
Services: Website


As a football enthusiast myself the World Cup always seem like a season of passion and i wanted to channel that atmosphere to a representative visual that could interpret well for the targeted audience. The microsite took around 1,5 – 2 months to develop using HTML5, NET., coding that could significantly support the high demand of interactivity within the platform.


I created the UI / UX and had the help from my friend, Stephen, who owns his own agency. The result was quite satisfactory and i had good fun testing the site. This Trivia consists of 8 categories which are : Coach, Cities, History, Players, Rules, Permata Bank, FIFA, Country. The scoring is speed-based, the quicker user get to answer a question than the higher the score will be. This was a strategy we implemented with an eye of generating a sense of thrill and excitement that is inline with the World Cup.


The site ran for 2 months and got more than 20,000 visitors with minimum promotion done, and an 80% register rate, followed by 65.7% conversion rate (visit – play).

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