Minty Rush


Minty Rush was a self-generated project with me and my friends who unfortunately never come out to see the world.

This was our combined passion of gaming and comic made to a simple adventure game to begin with. Minty Rush is a story of five worlds in the unknown universe battling to mine the utmost valuable resource that came in the form of a green plant (that’s right, it was an environmental-awareness that inspired the storyline). Users will get to play the game and increase the level overtime as they get past obstacles over obstacles in each stage. They can get various items such as power-ups, invincibilities, even as far as farting or sleeping during the characters idle state.

Date: May 7, 2015
Services: Design, Art Direction, Website, Mobile App, Motion Graphic, Illustration, Video


A good plot will lead to a game.

In the Sugarbooger Universe, there is a green jawbreaker planet called the Mentha where the citizen lived in a very somber and cool surroundings. The planet’s surface is covered with leafy stubs grass and the air is always breezy and fresh.

In the turn of events the neighboring planet, the purple Sour Puss, recently has its share of trouble. The people of Sour Puss were to careless to even take care of planet’s core, the soury acid lava type core, so that mountains of acid goo start erupting. Many came to offer help, but only the leaves from the great Eucalypts Tree, which is native to the Mentha planet, can calm the Sour Puss’ center core.

Pleas from Sour Puss caught the attention of the respected yet quirky elder of Mentha, Master Reeglis , who lives in the capital of Mentha, comfortably called the Loz-Enges (pun from mint lozenges). He then sends messengers to the planet Sour Puss to carry mint seeds before Sour Puss is consumed by the acid lava.

These heroes will travel across Sour Puss, now looks more like an adolescent acne filled skin, to plant the seeds in the most strategic place to help save the planet. Most of Sour Puss’ surface are begining to deteriorate and it is up to the heroes from Mentha to save the day. Purple leafy trees are falling, flyinf rocks from the erupting mountains are damaging the cities. With guide from Master Reeglis, our heroes are set to embark on a lifesaving mission.


I was always a big fan of Japanese old school anime. The mainstream ones. Saint Seiya, Doraemon, Dragon Ball, Patlabor, etc.

So it was as if im recreating a new take of my childhood when i decided to make those anime as the main reference. It’s cliche but powerful when trying to engage audience especially the milennials, xennials, gen z. I wanted a thrilling, fun, effervescent gameplay and storyline that distant away from boredom.

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