PT Muara Alam Sejahtera

Profile Book and web design for Coal & Mining company PT. Muara Alam Sejahtera

Post their logo and rebranding, PT. MAS wanted to follow along the Graphic Standard Manual that was provided by the previous designer and to extent their promotional kit by creating profile book and a website that could function as a source of information accessible by anyone.

Client: PT. MAS
Date: February 25, 2015
Services: Website Design, Profile Book


I was contacted by the good guys from PT. Muara Alam Sejahtera, a coal & mining company whose mine is located at Lahat, South Sumatera. I was commissioned to design their profile book and do website redesign.

The brief was quite concise and clear. They want to rebrand their whole promotional kit to create a rather youthful, vibrant, dynamic appeal. The company had more young employees than senior ones so they want signal the correct message to their stakeholders alike. I created a modular style to fit in their various categories of products, and colorful culture within the company.


it took about a week or two to do some brainstorm, and mindmapping to find out the key elements that i wanted to visualize in order to get the right feel.

Collecting the content material wasn’t so much of a problem. The MAS team that collaborated with us had already prepared the complete photography, and texts, to help us get on with the layouting process.

company profile content 2 alt converted_page-0003
company profile content 2 alt converted_page-0004
company profile content 2 alt converted_page-0011
company profile content 2 alt converted_page-0010
company profile content 2 alt converted_page-0006
company profile content 2 alt converted_page-0012
company profile content 2 alt converted_page-0014
company profile content 2 alt converted_page-0013


I designed an orange-based design incorporated as i believed it was the color that’s produced from orange & red, colors that represents fire, which represents coal production process.

The website & profile book goes inline with each other to provide consistency across the promotional kit.

website pt.mas-02
website pt.mas-03
website pt.mas-04
website pt.mas-06
website pt.mas-07
website pt.mas-08
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