Bakar Boy

Client: Bakar Boy
Date: May 9, 2018
Services: Printing Branding

Life is good. Cheese makes it better.

And as the truth spoken, so did the work of Bakar Boy, a bali-based toast restaurant that serves only the best kind in their field. I was commissioned to create the branding and thus came up with rather playful visual. You can also see below some of my proposed designs which were unfortunately disapproved but replaced with other designs that’s equivalent.

the two elements that catches my attention the most are both the flame & the scintilating visual of melting cheese. Somethings that i thought would present a thought-provoking, tasty invitation to the audience. This assymetrical logo is somewhat raw, sketchy, and would be the catalyst of idea that would develop into a series of convergent visuals.



``We had a fantastic experience working with Adri on our cafe in Canggu. Everything from branding concept, logo/menu/uniform design through to mural artwork was carefully considered and developed to meet our exact requirements.
Couldn't recommend Adri highly enough!``

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Josh Daniel Co-Owner Bakar Boy
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